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When Jessa reached out to me about her vision for a photoshoot with her adorable little chunk, I was hooked! She wanted a picnic in nature and for it to be captured with a nostalgic vibe.

I immediately started diving into the details, and we worked out items for each of us to bring. I have my handy big white blanket I'm sure many of you have seen and used at your sessions, and I also brought along some baskets, wooden cutting boards (if any future brides are reading this, prepare to get so. many. wooden cutting boards as wedding gifts), and a couple of cute film cameras.

Jessa's job was to bring flowers and some of Oli's favorite snacks! Cue the adorable muffin and grape eating pics.

Her last request was to have some photos of the two of them reading the bible together. They recently started getting more serious about being involved in church and it was important to Jessa to have this reflected in their session together. I think these shots turned out to be some of my very favorites from this sweet evening!


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