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Proposals are so fun to photograph! The anxious excitement right before the question is popped followed by a rush of joy and happiness - UGH it's really the best. This specific proposal was extra fun for me as it was for 2 of my closest friends, so I had to be extra careful while waiting for the right moment, and also got to really take part in all the joy afterward :)

The plan was for Abbey and Zach to go fishing together for an hour or so off the dock, and then he would make his way to the middle of the dock for the perfect shot. Because we know each other so well, I was nervous to show up in my own car in fear that Abbey would recognize it! So I borrowed my mom's car and got set up in the parking lot. Zach and I came up with a signal so I would know when he was ready - I sat in the car for a few minutes with some binoculars and awkwardly stalked their date waiting for the signal😂

Side note one: I told Zach the best time to propose would be when the sun was setting. How beautiful to get a sunset photo over the lake! Unfortunately for both of us, we got a super cold and cloudy day. (Props to Abbey for sticking out the fishing date in this weather. I wouldn't have haha) As you can see in the photos there wasn't any sun in sight, which made me laugh when Zach apologized for being too cold and giving me the signal a little earlier than we talked about - because at that point, the lighting didn't matter.

Side note two:  If I was worried about Abbey recognizing my car, you KNOW I was worried about her recognizing me when I walked up the dock to snap the big moment. Luckily the cold weather helped with my disguise - I wore a giant jacket to conceal my camera, a scarf to hide most of my face, and a trapper hat to hide my hair - all you could see from the outside were my eyes!

So, I see the signal and I hop out of the car. I head to the dock and begin to slowly approach the couple. Abbey gave me a weird look and I pretended to watch the ducks in case she would recognize me. Then Zach got down on one knee.

Thankfully she was as surprised as we hoped and she hadn't recognized me! I love these next two photos, Abbey's reaction when Zach tells her I'm the one in disguise. Abbey told me afterwards she thought I was a "little old grandma" who had come to look at the ducks 👵🏻

It was such a great moment and I loved getting be apart of the giddy excitement. We followed up the proposal with a little shoot around the area, and then I sent these two off to celebrate at the dinner Zach had made reservations for.


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