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While planning Alex & Ella's engagement shoot, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites. The plan was to start at White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX for some light-hearted and casual field photos, then have an outfit change in Deep Ellum for the more classy & dramatic part of the session at Bar Eden.

The weather was perfect in Dallas, with the clouds providing us some shade in the open field, but still letting the sun peek through for a gorgeous sunset over the lake. This is one of my favorite spots to take photos of any type, especially with the Dallas skyline showing off in the background 😍


We headed to Deep Ellum through annoying after work traffic, and stopped by the boutique Ella works at for these two to have more space to change. Since the boutique is only a couple of streets down from the bar, we got ready to walk over. However, and event was going on right outside of the boutique. The streets were shut down for people to gather and were lined with classic cars. Of course, my photographer brain starts going to work and I'm dying to take a few shots with a classic car.

Then, the boutique owner (Ella's boss) let us know that one of the cars was owned by someone they both knew! We were so excited and asked for permission to take photos with the car, but they did us one better and let Ella & Alex hop in it. So our impromptu part 2 of the shoot took place.

After a few fun shots with the car, we finished out the night at Bar Eden. It was a Sunday evening so luckily we didn't have to bother many people with our session! The staff was so sweet (of course we checked with them before planning to shoot there) and the vibe is super cool there. Alex & Ella killed part the 3 of the session as well, and it made all of us so excited to celebrate their marriage in April!!!


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