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Planning a wedding takes so much time and attention to detail. Those of us in the industry see all the hard work brides put in to curate their perfect day - from the color schemes to the specific flower types in their bouquets, we know how much research and thought went into every detail. So I loved working with this bride who owns a wedding decor & tableware rental company! It was interesting seeing the choices she made on decor and florals, as she's someone who has seen so many options and trends in the industry recently.

Joley opted for a colorful, vintage style for her wedding at The Emerson Venue in Kaufman, TX. She used pieces from her rental company, Poppy & Em Rental Co, such as gold candlesticks lining the ceremony steps and disco balls to accent tables. She used an acrylic column to show off the cutie retro cake she and her husband, Nick, cut together after the ceremony. If you aren't impressed already - she designed her own floral arrangements using flowers from Trader Joes!

The Emerson is such a beautiful venue on it's own, that these simplistic details were gorgeous complements and allowed The Johanningmeiers to spend their intimate day focusing on teach other and their closest family members.

Their full wedding & reception was supposed to be later this year in August, but after finding out their family was about to get a little bigger (that Joley was expecting sweet baby # 2) she and Nick decided to cancel the big event and have a small but absolutely perfect "elopement" ceremony.

I loved being a part of this special day, and Joley and I were on the same wavelength all day which made for some really great images 🤩 Scroll to see more of my favorite moments.


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