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Alexis and Andrew Ball were married at Vista West Ranch in Dripping Springs, TX. I think their outdoor setup is so beautiful, and the couples chose a great time for the ceremony- the lighting looked SO good as everyone walked down the aisle.

Alexis was revealed as "the funny one" by their officiant, and she lived up to the name with her scroll of vows. These two were so cute at the altar and couldn't stop giggling through the ceremony! Pure joy at getting to start their life together. Half way through the ceremony, a sweet cat tried to make its way up the aisle and I had to quietly get it to leave!

My favorite photo from the whole day was their kiss at the end of their recessional exit. Alexis told me how she wanted it beforehand, and chose to kiss at the end of aisle instead of the middle, so she could see happy faces turned toward them in the photo. I swear they must have practiced this kiss, because they nailed this shot!

Of course, the officiant was directed to introduce them as "Mr. & Mrs. Ball" ... rather than The Balls!


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