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Your photographer probably asked you to pack a details box for them on your wedding day, but what exactly does that entail? I'll tell you what this is, and what to include to get the best detail photos!

A wedding day details box is just that - a box of your wedding details! Gather up all the most important, special things - but also those things that just make the day yours. Throw 'em in a box, and hand them over! We'll get them documented.

What should you include in your box?

Here are my must haves! Your rings, your day-of jewelry, and any vow books or important writings/books.

But.. the more you include, the more creative I can get! If you have cute shoes or are wearing a veil, toss them in. Your perfume, if you have a pretty lipstick or if you'll be wearing sunglasses during the reception... include, include include!

Stationary is a big one that can really elevate flat lay detail photos. Pack your invites, save the dates, maybe an addressed envelope if you had someone write them. If you used a wax seal, vintage stamps, or had your own personal stamp/embosser made - add it. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this, just give me all the goods!

Some things that help with some extra flair are your cute ring boxes, extra ribbon or flower cuts. You can ask your florist to leave you clippings from the arrangements they make. These don't seem important, but can tie it all in for a really elegant look!

But honestly, that's still not all! You can include things that are just meaningful to you, or as a couple. Maybe a locket with your photos that was an anniversary gift? A trinket you got on your first date. Polaroid photos, even shot bottles of your favorite liquor, if you like to party ;)

What about the boys?

I'll be honest, the brides usually care about these photos a lot more than the grooms! But that doesn't mean you should be left out if you want some groom detail photos. Let's pack your own box!

Grooms can include shoes, your tie, handkerchief, cufflinks, boutonniere. Your own wedding day jewelry, such as a watch, chain, and rings.

You can also include anything special to you! A handwritten letter from your bride or mother, a toy car your dad bought you and you've kept your whole life. How about your favorite shot glass, that at one time had a drink that gave you the courage to ask your now fiance on a date? These detail photos are for such an important day, make them unapologetically you!


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